Once again Christmas is here - so Comic Sans Script are back with their Christmas Show - and probably the institution that is 'The 12 Days of Improv'.For tickets (£5 each) - go to

Another successful Friends and Family show for our newest improvisers

Our newest improvisers took to the stage for another sucessful Friends and Family show this October. These shows are invite-only to support our newest improvisers practising what they've learned. While we never force anyone to get up on stage, Friends and Family shows are a great way to boost your stage confidence in a supportive environment.

Comic Sans Script at The Hobgoblin Cheltenham Comedy Festival 2017

Comic Sans Script caused a buzz (sorry) at The Beehive in September as part of the Cheltenham Comedy Festival 2017 - you'd only bee-lieve it (OK not sorry) if you were there!

Friends & Family Show Success

  On 13th July our Core Group (who are our new cadre of up and coming comedians) did their 'Friends and Family Show'. It's a secret show with only Friends and Family on the invite list, who get a free night of improv in exchange for laughing at the right moments!

The night included various sketches including Bristol-based pirates, a dodgy 4 channel TV set and the current affairs show "What's in my mouth, and how did it get there?".


If you are interested in learning improv (for FREE!) the date of our next Beginner's course is Wed 4th October 7-9pm. This is a 6 week course that will take you from complete beginner to being aware of the basic skills of improv. If you are interested give us an email on to book your place.(This is for FREE, although donations are welcome. It's worth noting that in many other towns learning improv costs about £10 per hour, but our instructors give their time for free - feel free to buy them a drink if you wish!)

Winchcombe Show - Sell Out Success!

On Friday 26th May We did our first show in Winchcombe - and it was the first time the Winchcombe Arts Festival had had comedy on the billing. Indeed 'comedy' was such a new concept we were put down as 'spoken word and poetry' - just in case we weren't funny I guess!In the end it was a great show - although very hot as it was 80 people in a basement bar on the hottest day of the year.

Showstoppers workshop

As Showstoppers (the Olivier award winning improvised muscial group) were in Cheltenham for their show at the Everyman, Comic Sans Script decided to take the opportunity to link up with them and see if they would give us some coaching. And thankfully they said 'yes' and sent veteran Sean McCann.

We worked on aspects of our skills that would make our two-prov (2-person improv) scenes better. This included a lot of 'being in the moment' exercises, emotional engagement and status.

It was a fantastic workshop, and brillient to have someone so experienced and accomplished in the world of improv.

Trip to the BIT

On Friday night 21st April I headed down the lovely M5 and went for my first visit to the Bristol Improv Theatre for their Jam night. The folk there have done a great job in doing up the venue into a workable theatre and I understand the stage curtains were brand new - hence the massive cheers when they were drawn. The jam had about 200 people there and was fantastic, apart from the games I ended up in :)

Playhouse Show - Sold Out!

Last Friday Comic Sans Script risked the club kitty to put on a show at the Playhouse, but based on the audience reaction and ticket sales it paid off! We were completely sold out with (sadly) some people being turned away on the door. Sorry folks - hope you get in earlier next time.

Act 1 had a ski-slope presentation, a non-harpsicord based robbery, scenes about monkeys using mobile phones and a cow masseuse who didn't mind camels.

In Act 2 we had a visit from the 'Wise Monster', built escape tunnels from planes out of lego, failed to solve a crime of space insurance fraud and then had a drunk driving lesson. We then finished on a serious note with a fund-raiser for dinosaurs who have fallen on hard times (even though many have ended up in the oil industry).

I'm sure we'll be back soon - sign up to our mailing list to keep us to date.

Imogen Palmer Workshop

[Write-up by Rhys]

Saturday the 11th of February, an overcast day in Cheltenham, but in the basement of The Midland Hotel Improv magic was happening.

Imogen Palmer (@Impogen), founding member of Degrees of Error (@degreesoferror) had come along to give us a crash course in Narrative, Hosting and Two-prov. That’s a packed day of Improv there.

We started looking at narrative structure, specifically the 'Story Spine'. It is similar to how Pixar (of Toy Story fame) create their masterpieces - however we have to do it in a more improvised way!

After lunch, it was onto hosting skills....


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