Longform (Tuesdays)

Longform – The more ‘dramatic’ style of Improv

So you’ve just finished the Beginners Course and got to grips with the basics, now it’s time to get skilled up! Our Tuesday ‘Long-form’ sessions are mainly based around creating sketches and stories with ‘deeper’ characters, relationships and not relying on the cheesy-gimmicks (aka ‘Handles‘) that Short-form uses.

It’s perfect for those folk who want to use improv to create more realistic scenes where the interest comes from character, relationships and story-telling. (Note: There is less of an expectation in long-form to try ‘be funny’, its more about creating interesting scenes. If you can create scenes that create a strong audience reaction and interest – that’s great!)



To attend you’ll need to:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have the following improv experience:
    • Completed the majority of our Beginners course, OR
    • Have have suitable equivalent prior improv experience

If you’ve got previous improv experience and like to join ‘straight in’ please contact us ahead of time so we know to expect you.