Richard - Artistic Director, Trainer

Richard started improvising in 2002 and founded Comic Sans Script in 2013. He has studied under Keith Johnstone, Monkey Toast, Showstoppers; he has guested with ‘The Same Faces’ & ‘Bunkum Factory’ and also is an occasional teacher with the British Improv Project.


Rhys - Trainer

Having cut his improv teeth in the Steel City of Sheffield, Rhys returned to the old ancestral home to continue his improv adventures. He’d love to tell you he spent hours on this bio but that would hardly be in the spirit of improv, would it?


Helena is a professional actor – musician, children’s entertainer and general joker. She loves comedy and loves a good (terrible) joke! ‘A laugh a day keeps the doctor away!’. She has just completed her  first National UK Live Tour with Cebeebies ‘Kate and Mim Mim’ (playing Mim Mim). She is looking forward to panto and portraying 'Sleeping Beauty' at The Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline this Christmas.


James - Trainer

James performs and teaches comedy and can be found on bills doing stand up on the South West Circuit and beyond. James runs a monthly comedy night in Cheltenham called Comedy and Coffee.


Bruce is not only a crazy improviser, he’s also doubles as our techie guy, he started in theatre in the 90’s and has been in many productions, one of his favourite shows was Barnum where he learnt to juggle, he even has a set of fire clubs, we told you he was crazy.




Grant harks from Brisbane, Australia where a Footloose style ban on comedy drove him across the dangerous seas in a plane. In the air. Not in a seaplane. Like that would exist. He’s done scripted comedy as an American in the CODS production of Fawlty Towers – and well serious acting in Macbeth.



A great believer in the adage ‘comedy is tragedy plus time’, Barry maintains that though much of what he says does not appear to be the least bit amusing at the moment, it will be considered absolutely hilarious a few years down the line.



Tired of simply improvising life, Richard decided to take to the stage; a safe place where he plays in our shared imagination. Tall, long-armed, and intellectual, he adds a delicious drop of creation to every scene he touches.




Tim is a time-traveller...




Kate has been a member of CSS since January 2017. She loves watching improv shows and being in them. Kate is the External Training Coordinator for the group organises a variety of skills workshops.


Dallas is an alumni of Amused Moose Comedy in London and has performed stand up alongside household names such as Noel Fielding. Dallas also acts in theatre productions so if you’ve yet to see her do improv, you may have seen her on stage.




Young, dashing and disgustingly talented; all words never attributed to Rob. However, that hasn’t deterred him on his quest to be an adventurer in time and space. Strangely he’s taken to achieving this lofty goal via the bizarre and convoluted route of improvised comedy.



Deep in hell there is a devil that needs entertainment. Jamie is his in-house joker, 24/7, 365 for all eternity. Though Jamie does this part-time in between working as an administrator, doing some writing, and gorging himself on music. Fun fact – 666 is a palindrome.


Michael is currently ranked #7 in the Amazing Katamari Damacy global Google Play leaderboards. He has also done improv before. He can lift a tire over his head, and hopes to one day do a backflip.



Mike Bigby is the resident good-looking and cool guy of the group, he’s the best!



Ian’s stellar comedy career began at the age of 12 with a performance as Private Fraser in Dad’s Army. After writing some comedy sketches and stories for radio, Ian became tempted to try improv, and joined Comic Sans Script as a beginner in March 2017