Musical Improv (Mondays)

For those times when you suddenly want to burst into song!

So you’ve just finished the Beginners Course and got to grips with the basics, now it’s time to get skilled up! Our Monday ‘Musical Improv’ sessions are mainly based around both long-form and short-form techniques:

  • Short-Form: The quick and structured ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ type musical games, e.g. Hoedowns, Irish Drinking Song, etc…
  • Long-Form: The creation of musical-type scenes which are more free-form have have less of a defined structure

It’s perfect for those folk who want to mix music and improv! (Note: Don’t worry too much about not being anywhere near the standard of the example videos(!) – we’ll teach you from the beginning!)



To attend you’ll need to:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Ideally have the following improv experience (but if you are keen and can’t make the beginner’s course then you could skip it):
    • Completed the majority of our Beginners course, OR
    • Have have suitable equivalent prior improv experience

If you’d like to join in please contact us ahead of time so we can say what would be a good night for you to join.

(Richard on the 2017 Showstopper Intensive Musical Course)