Comic Sans Script and Workshops

So, you’re going about your daily business, you’re work, you find comedians funny, you love a bit of stand-up, you used to love watching ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?’. Then one Saturday night you’re looking for something to do and you stumble across an improv show at your local theatre and think, “yea, why not? Let’s see what this is all about!” Never did you believe that just 3 months later you would have done a show and be a regular member of the group. Well this was me and this is how I became part of Comic Sans Script.

What I found was so lovely is that we all come from different walks of life, there are: teachers, performers stand-up comedians, translators, IT engineers, insurance, administrators, the list goes on. This makes it so interesting when going into improv games, as together we know pretty much everything! You learn so much, not just from the trainers, but from your fellow CSS members, which makes each week so different, exciting and ALWAYS fun!

As a group we don’t only do shows, monthly impro jams (1st Sunday of every month) and friends and family shows (next one is Sunday 2nd September), but our lovely Kate Shaw organises workshops with external trainers, which gives us the opportunity to focus on a specific element of improv. Our latest was a singing and rap improvised workshop with the incredible Tom Hodge. It was an amazing 5 hour workshop, consisting of various different short form singing games which we can think about incorporating into our shows at The Cheltenham Playhouse (next one is 22nd September). Tom covered rhythm, rhyme and rapping.

What was lovely was how Tom judged the different abilities in the room and worked with us o make sure everyone got the help and attention they needed, no matter what level of experience they were at. It was so lovely to come together as a group and together launch ourselves into (for many of us) a slightly daunting element of improv. It was amazing to see the different skills and elements that each individual brought to the exercises and games. It was also so inspiring to see how relaxed and comfortable people were with experimenting with something new that is out of our comfort zone (I think this was mainly thanks to Tom). Learning from each other and taking on board the notes, tips and tricks from Tom and then putting it into practice within the singing/rapping games.

It was a lovely day out had by all, filled with laughter and learning and I for one can’t wait for the next CSS workshop!

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