Comic Sans Script Friends and Family Show September 2018

There’s something about comedy that lends itself to the small stage – low lighting, tables and chairs, a slightly intimate atmosphere and a few rounds of drinks.   It just FEELS right, and the Green Room at The Playhouse is the perfect venue to experience Improv in a super-cozy, relaxed, friendly environment. What more could you want than great company, a good laugh and a drink?

September’s show came at the end of the latest Beginners’ Course, so the show was made up of a range of old hands from CSS, some experienced people who’d done little or no actual performing, and raw Beginners fresh out of class!  One of the great things about this is that it avoided the awkward moments you sometimes have at a “graduation from a course” show.

Because the audience IS friends and family, it’s a great way for new improvisers to take to the stage in a supportive environment, and for friends and loved ones to find out just what their loved ones have been up to on Wednesday nights for the last couple of months!

The show’s small stage means you’re close to the stage so feel right in the action, almost part of the show.  Yes, and that’s because you ARE part of the show… Improv relies heavily on audience participation for prompts and there wsere plenty of crazy ideas as usual.  James is an excellent compere/MC, and involving the audience right from the outset, he established dialogue with personalities in the audience, bringing in those who tried desperately to be unnoticed, so the atmosphere was really cohesive.

So… the performance.  Well, it was great.  Games/scenes played varied from old favourites such as Sit Stand Crouch, Double Bill and Freeze Tag to some new additions.  Yes, there were 2 brand new, original scenes devised by CSS (NOT SURE IF YOU’D LIKE TO SAY WHOSE IDEA THEY WERE) members.  “Chewbacca” featured well, Chewbacca, out and about in his day-to-day life – but in an unfamiliar environment.  Edinburgh to be precise, where he was sightseeing as only a Wookie can! 

The other new scene was “Guest Star”.  This was an episode of an old TV show, starring a random (and wildly inappropriate) guest star.  The TV Show generated from the audience was “Thundercats”, a show that in time-honoured tradition, none of the performers (nor James) had ever actually seen (or heard of), but armed with the clarification from the audience that it was basically about cats that were superheroes, that was plenty to go on….. until John Wayne made his guest appearance!

There was ton of other merriment, ranging from a proposal on stage to a lesson in how to cook, and a hilarious husband and wife duo performing “Helping Hands” as perhaps only a very close couple can…

The full team of performers of course took part in opening and closing games for each half, so everyone got to work with everyone else.  Overall, it was a great night out for the audience, and a real payoff for the performers when all those rehearsals ended up in a great show.


Written by Comic Sans Script member Julie – Ann Amos September 2018

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