Comic Sans Script September Show – Cheltenham Playhouse

Well what can I say …. if you were there you will know what i’m talking about, if you weren’t well you definitely missed out on “Comic Sans Script BEST SHOW YET”, “Hilarious from start to finish” ( various audience members, multiple times!)

The first thing I want to say is wow, what an amazing buzz that was. It was so lovely to come together as a team, even though there were technically two teams Red Vs Blue, it was all joking rivalry, our main aim was to entertain the audience and by God did we do that! For those of you who have experienced performing before you will know what I’m talking about and for those of you who haven’t, here is a fun fact for the day: ‘Performing on stage gives you the same adrenaline rush as a car crash, it’s the scariest thing ever and yet so exhilarating’. Now I’m not suggesting that you go and plunge yourself into a car crash to see what I’m talking about, but if you do fancy performing, pushing yourself and nearly weeing yourself with laughter then get in touch, we are welcoming new comers very soon. So even if you have never performed before in your life, don’t worry you are not alone. Like I said in my last post, the most amazing thing about this company is that we are a team, we are so varied and we each have different experiences and are experts at different genres of life. It makes it so much fun and so interesting and I am still learning every day, despite being a professional actor, that’s what I love about it, we are all on the same level and are all there to have fun and learn from each other.

Anyway I digress, back to the star of this topic, the show! Now for those of you who have never seen Comic Sans Script before, our September show was a very family friendly Red Vs Blue team show, where both teams played their ‘best’ improv short games, pitching them against the other team, for the audience to decide which was the best game. There were also some full company games such as: Questions Only, No Letter, Someone walks into a bar and Move on, just to get us all together and entertaining the audience on mass. Now as you have probably guessed the audience are the key deciders/ judges and this show had an extra special twist, glow sticks! Yes that’s right glow sticks, every audience member had a red and a blue glow stick handed to them and along with the cheering they waved the coloured glow stick of the team they thought was the best, that team then won the points for that ’round’ and so on until we had a winner at the end. Spoiler alert: RED TEAM WON! (that was my team), but it wasn’t a clear easy win, by the end of the first act it was a very close call with Blue team on 28 and Red team on 33, so it was all to play for, but after a couple of cracking quick one liners and fantastic games from both teams, it was the Red’s that ran away with the trophy (We didn’t actually have a trophy, it was again picked by the audience from a collection of prizes we found in the charity shop, and this shows prize was …. (drum roll please)…. The board game Countdown! SAY WHAT, yes I know you are all jealous right now and that’s ok) Some of the highlights of the night were games such as 3 people 6 accents (yes you did read that right), we had a mixture of Devon/Swedish, Yorkshire/New Zealand and finally Welsh/South African and they were all professional gardeners who use dinosaur poo (yes that was the audience suggestions!) Other fantastic games included: Silent Witness (all about miming and guessing the crime), Scene Switch (3 scenes given by the audience and switching them by using a line from another one of the scenes and putting into your scene and so on), Scene to Song (as the name suggests), Someone walks into a bar (various professions from the audience and then someone walks into a bar joke made up on the spot to do with that profession e.g. Fisherman: A Fisherman walks into a bar and the barman said ‘what are you doing here?’, the fisherman replied ‘oh I’m just trying to reel the ladies’ in…..), Good Bad and Ugly Advice (as the name suggests). We also had musical games such as: Hush Little baby die (which was a version of ‘hush little baby don’t you cry’ were the objects kept changing to rhyme and the song got faster and faster until someone stumbled and the audience shouted die! and yes I think the audience enjoyed this a bit too much and were very vocal with this section, just adding to the hilarity of the night) and Greatest Hits – a music game where you had two presenters, who made up an album which had 4 songs all with different genres and to do with a profession that the audience suggested, in the show it was an Undertaker and some of the songs (which then individuals from both teams had to come out and sing) included : Drinking song called ‘Fill me In’, a Children’s song, Blues Song and Sea Shanty called ‘Don’t let the coffin slip over the edge’).


All in all it was a brilliant night had by all and I for one am still buzzing from the energy and laughter both from each other and the audience! Like i’ve said time and time again this company is so special, we are all amazing individuals who come together to create comedy gold, we support each other and we truly are an ever expanding family!

Fret not if you missed out for we are back again in February 2019, keep your eyes peeled for more details! If you cannot wait till then, then come along to our ‘Impro Jam’ nights (the 1st Sunday of the month), it’s free and anyone can come along as either an audience member OR a participant and yes you do win a pot of jam! This is held at The Cheltenham Playhouse next one is Sunday 7th October! See you then!

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