The first words are “Yes, and…”

So you’ve heard about improvised comedy, and want to give it a go – but don’t know where to start? Or you’ve done some improv a while ago and need a reminder? Either way our Beginners course is the one for you and we’d love to have you aboard!

Once a quarter, we run a four-week course (Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm) where we equip you with the basics of improv in order to hit the ground running in our Intermediate group. We’ll cover:

  • Spontaneity/Creativity
  • Building a Scene
  • Characters
  • Stagecraft

A list of our upcoming course dates, along with other events we run, can be found on our Meetup page. Our course is completely free (amazing value), although we welcome voluntary donations if you’d like to pop some cash in the pot we leave out during sessions.


To attend you’ll need to:

  • Be 18 years or older at the time of your first workshop
  • Be able to commit to 3 or 4 sessions of the 4 week-course
  • Let us know you’re coming; sign up via our Meetup group, or email us via our contact page


In case you’ve not done improv before here are a few tips for your first night of attendance:

  • Bring a bottle of water, and eat something beforehand to keep your energy up as you learn and participate.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you are happy moving around in
  • Before the session starts, let the instructor know of any health issues or conditions that may impact on your learning/participation
  • Don’t worry about ‘being funny’ – the whole course is about how to improvise (i.e. being creative and spontaneous)
  • Don’t worry about having to perform in front of large groups of people; most of our exercises are in groups of 2-4
  • Have fun!

(Provisional) 2019 Beginners Course Dates

Our Beginners Courses are penciled in to start on the following dates. Due to teacher and room availability they are subject to change so please double check when you sign-up

  • 2 JAN
  • 3 APR
  • 3 JUL
  • 2 OCT