External Trainers

Let’s see what the outside world has to offer

In order to try and keep our skills as up-to-date as possible we get in external trainers from various other groups.

As these external trainers are often professional trainers and/or have a level of travel required, the bad news is that these sessions may require a payment to attend (£15 approx). However, the good news is that Comic Sans Script looks to subsidise these events to make them more affordable (note – in London improv sessions are about £10 per hour – and we’re confident we’ll beat those prices!)

Our past trainers have included:

  • Caitlin Campbell / Andy Yeoh (Degress of Error)
  • Lee Dempsey (Box of Frogs)
  • Ben Hall (Bunkham Factory / Fat Penguin)
  • Tom Hodge (Freelance Improv MD)
  • Sean McCann (Showstoppers)
  • Rebecca McMillan (Maydays)
  • Kit Murdoch (Foghorn Improv)
  • Imogen Palmer (Bristol Improv Theatre)
  • Patti Styles (International renown)
  • Joy-Amy Wigman (Knowing Smirk / Off-the-Cuff)